1.       Using the services of Royal Proofreaders (hereafter referred to as RP, we or our) constitutes an agreement to its terms and conditions

2.       The client is under no obligation to offer RP work neither is RP under any obligation to accept a client’s work.

3.       RP will render services as agreed by both parties in writing.

4.       RP reserves the right to change any part of its website (including pricing, and its terms and conditions) without prior notice and without liability. Continued use of our services by clients shall be interpreted as an acceptance of such change(s).

5.       The work shall be carried out at any place or time determined by RP.

6.       RP will make use of Microsoft Word track changes feature to edit manuscripts.

7.       The fees to be paid by clients shall be determined by RP using certain standard parameters.

8.       RP may demand full/part payment before commencing work.

9.       The completed work shall be delivered on or before the stipulated date.

10.  RP may renegotiate the deadline and/or fee if it realizes   that the  work to be done is greater than anticipated or if it encounters certain difficult circumstances beyond its control.

11.   The content of the manuscript shall be kept confidential to the best of our ability.

12.   Refunds (partial/full) shall be given at our discretion in extreme cases,such as total failure on our part.

13.   We shall request for permission before using any part of a client’s work for advertisement; however, we may use a client’s name and institution only, for advertisement purposes only, without requesting for permission.

14.   Once work has commenced in accordance to the instruction of a client (by virtue of filling a consent form), the client no longer has the right to terminate the transaction.

15.   RP shall not be held liable for any loss, in whatever form, incurred by any error remaining in a manuscript edited by us. While we strive to achieve excellence in our service to our clients, human limitation may make it impossible to achieve 100% perfection.

16.   RP shall not be liable for any act of plagiarism or breach of copyright or any other breach noticed in a client’s manuscript.

17.   Our website may contain links to other websites that are not controlled by us; we shall not be liable for losses incurred from such websites.

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