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Royal Proofreaders was established to assist academics and business professionals to produce high quality documents that will be free from grammatical, punctuation and other errors.

At Royal Proofreaders, our number one concern is to ease the stress of academics, business executives and other people who desire high quality documents. Due to their being inundated daily with multiple tasks, they may not have the time to take small details into consideration which may lead to errors in their documents. Others may have learnt English as a second language and may not be able to produce high quality documents to meet the required standard.

We are here to put the minds of these sets of people at rest. We achieve this by providing world class proofreading solutions to them. This will enable them to remain relevant in the competitive academic and business environments.

Our editors will check the document(s) for various errors such as inconsistencies in the use of names, numbers and non-English words according to a specific reference source. They will also check for punctuation errors; typographical errors or typos; and inconsistencies in format, spacing and font. Other errors include spelling errors, word usage and English usage errors.

Our editors are professionals and are subjected to stringent tests.



About Us

Royal Proofreaders was established to assist academics andmore

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