• Our number one concern is to ease the stress of academics and business executives.
  • Our editors are professionals and are subjected to stringent tests.
  • When words fail you, we step in to put things right.
  • English is our first language.
Our number one concern is to ease the stress of academics and business executives.1 Our editors are professionals and are subjected to stringent tests.2 When words fail you, we step in to put things right.3 English is our first language.3


“Thanks for the proofread. I liked it the way you have done it.”

-Dr Kunmar Lalla-

“I received edited manuscript and I am very pleased with your services. I also already send payment via bank transfer.”

-Peter Sabaka -

“Thank you for your fast and precise response. We are very pleased from your previous work and we recommend your service to our colleagues.”

-Smaill Mohammadpoor -

Welcome to Royal Proofreaders

Welcome to Royal Proofreaders, a professional proofreading and editing firm that was incorporated in 2013. Since commencing operations, Royal Proofreaders has assisted thousands of authors, especially ESL (English-as-a-second language) authors, from different parts of the world to achieve high quality research papers and other documents at affordable prices. Numerous research papers are rejected by journals due to grammatical and other English language errors. We help authors prepare high quality articles by correcting all the grammatical, punctuation and typographical errors present in their articles. We also correct errors related to wrong use of capitalization and italicization as well as a wide range of other errors. The errors that we look out for are explained in detail on the Services page of our website. In the course of correcting errors, we go to great lengths to retain the original thoughts and ideas of authors. Some editors sacrifice the original message of authors on the altar of editing. Our editors are trained to avoid this pitfall. Img

Proofreading Service

Proofreading is the final check performed on a document that is almost ready for submission before it is submitted. A proofreader checks for and corrects grammatical, spelling, typographical and punctuation errors. Proofreading is also meant to ensure correct formatting.Read More

What Makes Us Unique?

Generally, the services of professional proofreading and editing firms that meet the required standards are not cheap. Therefore, researchers and other professionals from developing countries may not be able to afford them. This is a great setback for academics in developing countries. Such researchers may perform technically sound research but may be denied the opportunity of having their research papers published by reputable journals due to limitations in the use of English language. In this regard, Royal Proofreaders has been at the forefront of bridging this divide by providing high quality proofreading and editing services at affordable prices. Also, we offer discounts to clients who use our services regularly, students, and authors from developing countries. To request for a discount, please inform us at the time of submitting your manuscript. We may request for some documents to confirm that you are qualified to receive a discount based on our criteria

Copyediting Service

Copyediting goes farther than proofreading. In addition to correcting all the errors that proofreaders look out for, such as grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, copyediting also improves the accuracy and consistency of a document and ensures that the document is free of omission and repetition. Read More

Why Should You Trust Us?

A key factor of online services is trust. Over the years, we have observed that there is a tendency for some first-time clients to request for a sort of guarantee regarding the quality of our services. In response to these requests, we initiated the free sample-editing service, which enables authors to test the quality of our services free of charge. To use the free sample-editing service, authors are required to send excerpts or parts of their papers to us for editing. The excerpts should not exceed 500 words and should not contain any part of the abstract. Once we receive an excerpt from an author, an email acknowledging receipt of the excerpt is sent to the author. The email will also contain the proposed date of delivery of the edited version of the excerpt, which is generally less than 48 hours from the time of receipt. This service has helped us gain the trust of first-time clients. However, don’t just take our word for it, request for a free sample editing service now by clicking on the icon below.

Journal Specific Editing

In addition to proofreading and copyediting, journal specific editing entails editing a manuscript in accordance with the style guide (authors’ guidelines) of the journal the author intends to submit his/her manuscript to. A journal’s style guide spells out specific requirements that must be adhered to by the author. Examples of such requirements include whether the journal prefers UK or US English and their referencing style. Read More

One hundred percent (100%) guarantee

Different authors need different levels of editing. Native English-speaking authors generally make minor mistakes in their writings; these mistakes are generally due to the greater focus of authors on the technical aspect of writing than on the language aspect. However, non-native speakers tend to make more fundamental mistakes that could make an article difficult to read and comprehend. Whatever your editing needs are, we offer 100% guarantee to authors who send their articles to us for editing. What this means is that there is a very high tendency that articles edited by us will not be rejected due to poor English language. For this reason, we offer a guarantee that if poor English language is cited as the major reason why an article edited by us was rejected by a journal, we shall refund the full amount paid by the author (see Terms and Conditions page for details). However, if poor English language is cited as the only reason or as one of several reasons why an article was returned for revision, we shall re-edit the article with greater attention at no extra cost to the author (see Terms and Conditions page for details). If you are still not convinced about the quality of our work, you can request for a free sample-editing service by sending a document or part of a document consisting of less than 500 words to us (excluding the abstract), and we shall edit it free of charge. This will enable you assess our work. Why not request for a sample editing service today.